An Interview with Mademoiselle Robot!

Mademoiselle Robot

We had the pleasure of talking to professional blogger Laëtitia Wajnapel, editor and founder of Mademoiselle Robot.

After starting a blog to share her experiences with friends and family in 2007, Laëtitia’s unique style and incredible photography began to grab the attention of industry professionals. After a successful 8 years of blogging, Mademoiselle Robot is now one of the best known lifestyle sites in the world. We asked her a little about how she managed to reach success, and what advice she has for those of you looking to go pro….

Your blog started as something quite personal- a way to keep in touch with friends. When did you first realise it was turning into something much bigger than that?

After about six months, I realised I had strangers reading my ramblings, so I suppose this is when I realised it had become “bigger”. Then brands started to approach me to work with them, attend events etc, essentially treating me like a regular publication. I started blogging in 2007 though so for a long time I didn’t know what opportunities it could offer. I think it still informs the way I work now – I started at a much more “innocent” time and so I think my approach to blogging is less mercenary even though it has been a business now for a good few years.

Mademoiselle Robot Mademoiselle Robot

The blogging world is something of a mystery to those outside it. Are there any common assumptions about being a professional blogger that you disagree with?

There used to be some assumptions about the world of blogging which I think don’t really exist anymore, like for example that we all spend our days in pyjamas in front of our laptops! I think really you need to imagine that a pro blogger’s life is like any freelancer’s. Nowadays, there are so many bloggers and we all work in very different ways and at different levels so I think it is fair to say that no assumptions are valid but at the same time they may well all be valid! 

What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

I’ve had a few: I was commissioned to write a coffee table book a couple years ago, the first run had 15,000 copies, they all sold out and the second run of another 15,000 also sold out. I think that’s definitely one to tick off the bucket list, although I have a couple more book ideas under my wing, currently being worked on. I also have my very first photography exhibition up at the moment at the Hoxton Holborn hotel so that’s also a pretty big highlight! I got to travel the world, stay in the best hotels and work with some of my favourite brands while doing something I truly love, I have complete freedom and am able to live off my blog… I guess you could say every day I keep doing what I do is a highlight!

Mademoiselle Robot

Are there any simple tips you can give to our readers, on how they can try to stand out as a blogger as things become more and more overcrowded?

I think it is important to identify who you are, really know your own voice before you start a blog. Of course this can evolve over time, we all change and change is great, but authenticity is key. There are so many blogs and many sing the same song, so to keep people’s interest it is so important to engage them and make sure they want to know your world better. And that’s regardless of the topic you choose to write about. Most of all, keep your feet firmly on the ground, it is easy to get carried away – remember you need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror!

And finally, what’s next for you and your blog in 2015? 

I am trying out a different approach to blogging, where I follow monthly themes, so I will keep doing that. I am also pursuing more photography opportunities and as I said earlier I am working on a book project too.

You can find Laëtitia’s blog here: Mademoiselle Robot, and she also has a brilliant instagram account which you can find here!

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