An Interview with Holly Homan: Her views on Fitness, Fashion and Blogging!


To start tell us all about yourself and your blog….!

I’m 26, single, live in South West London. I started my blog as a hobby to channel my rambling thoughts into a streamlined outlet. I have approximately a billion thoughts a day (as you can tell if you take a look at my twitter) and a my blog is a way for me to focus and air those. It’s slowly turning into something bigger than I expected. I guess I never really expected anyone to read it but nearly 1500 views later and I love it! The little thrill when I log in and see people have viewed and commented is surreal. Knowing that there’s lots of people inside my thoughts without me physically voicing them fascinates me!

You have two regular features, workout Wednesday and Fashion Friday. Which do you think goes down best with your readers?

I think in general, my Workout Wednesdays post is most popular. Fellow members of the #FitFam are so supportive and love reading about each others’ journeys and getting tips and ideas for their own regimes. It’s always well received and I’ve learnt a fair amount while researching as well as from responses from followers!

You said you’re passionate about social media, tell us a little about that…how do you use social media to promote your blog?

I first got Facebook in 2009 in my first year at Uni. It quickly became a brilliant tool to use to keep connected between my home and uni circles, especially once we all graduated and drifted away from where we’d lived. Now my social media focus is on Twitter. I think I’m nearly at 23k tweets which seems crazy to think about. My account isn’t specifically a blog account or a fitness account etc; it’s all parts of me and my life incorporated. Each time I produce a new blog post, I publish it to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts and, as of this week, Bloglovin! Adding in the right tags on the blog and the right hashtags on Twitter allows me to draw readers that would be interested in that specific post, ie #FitFam when publishing my Workout Wednesdays posts. I also use those tags to investigate other blogs and ideas too.

Do you have any social media tips for any beginners out there?!

Don’t just follow your friends. Don’t just follow celebs (they can actually be quite dull!). Don’t expect everyone you follow to follow you back. Search for words that interest you until you learn about hashtags. If you love beauty, searching “lipstick” can bring up a multitude of brands, bloggers, pictures, tutorials, the works!

What was it that made you want to start your blog, and where do you see it in a year from now ideally? 

I simply needed a place to empty my thoughts. I used to write poetry, prose and other things on physical paper but I am a child of the digital age and I’ve simply evolved with that. A year from now? I’d love to have incorporated one or two more regular featured posts. I would love to become known by other bloggers and be involved in challenges and meetups etc!

And finally…who are your all time favourite bloggers?!

I only have one favourite blogger – Jordan Bone – I followed her from a random search on Twitter and it wasn’t until months of reading her posts that I watched a tutorial and discovered that she has paralysis in her hands. Her makeup is always exquisite and her tone is lovely!

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