An Interview with Belle, Editor-in-Chief of Mascara and Maltesers


So Belle, to start tell us a bit about your blog for those who don’t know…

Hi! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to interview, I am very excited to be features on The Bloggers Lounge! Well, Mascara & Maltesers is a makeup and beauty blog, I mainly offer reviews and tips, I am lucky enough to work with some of the best hair and make-up artists as well as skincare experts, beauty editors and other models, and Mascara & Maltesers is my way for me to share this with whoever fancies reading!

You’re a model by day! Do you find your profession fits well with running a blog?

I am! I  find it has really helped working as a model, much more than I ever imagined it would when I started my blog.  I do try to combine to the two, whether I nab some makeup samples for reviews or chat to the makeup artists to get some tips I have found being so close to the makeup industry has really fitted in well. Makes me wish I started blogging sooner!

What is it that you love about beauty blogging in particular?

I am very much obsessed with makeup and everything beauty, and I also really enjoy writing (and talking!) so beauty blogging is ideal. Plus I have now stopped irritating my friends and family with my constant makeup talk as I have found some other wonderful beauty bloggers who actually read my thoughts and views on makeup, and have continual chatter over our reviews and new items!

Where do you hope to see your blog in a year from now?

I definitely just want to be able to put more of my time into my blog, and hopefully see my blogging skills increase with this! I would love to write a few more lifestyle posts to mix it up a bit, I’ve had so incredible experiences thanks to my day job so I am aim to start blogging them!

What do you think are the biggest challenges that bloggers face?

Trying to be unique and original, and its so hard when there are so many other talent bloggers. Its hard to not end up copying someone else, and there is nothing worse than reading 5 blogs that are all the same. I think finding your niche as a blogger is tough, and I am lucky I have my job that gives me one factor that is slightly unusual!

And finally, who are your favourite bloggers right now?!

This is a tough one! I read so many blog but a couple of my favourites are Miss Makeup Magpie, she just does the best reviews, and Becky Bedbug – her personality that comes through in her posts has me in stitches!

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