10 Featured Bloggers: Your Favourite Things About Blogging


We asked our following to tweet us their favourite things about blogging- and what a great response we got! It’s been a really fun couple of weeks reading over your entries, but we had to pick just 10 entries to feature….and here they are!

We’ll be annoucning plenty of oppourtunities to feature before the end of the year. To hear about them first, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest where all new opportunities will be announced!

1. Blog name: I Wear My Wages


Blog: http://www.i-wear-my-wages.com/

About the Blogger: Jill is all about working hard- and shopping even harder! If you’re looking for a fashion blogger with an inspirational drive for success then make sure you follow her.

Why Jill Loves Blogging:The opportunities available and the ability to use my artistic flare in my posts and styling

2. Blog Name: Khrissie Loves


Blog: http://www.khrissieloves.com/

About the Blogger: Covering fashion, lifestyle and beauty, the first thing that’ll strike you when you check out Khrissie’s blog is that lovely header! Have a read if you love cute outfits and make up tips!

Why Khrissie Loves to Blog:I really love having the chance to meet people who I would have never met before

3. Blog Name: GoodTrippers


Blog: http://www.goodtrippers.co.uk/

About the Blog: If you like torturing yourself from your desk by looking at endless photos of beautiful destinations abroad then this is the blog for you! All jokes aside, Goodtrippers provide excellent advice for fun, safe and exciting travel. If you’re thinking of heading off into the sunset make sure you consult this blog before you leave!

Why they Love Blogging: “Fave thing about blogging? Love highlighting good causes or featuring a place that becomes readers’ new favourite thing!

4. Blog Name: Rebecca Craft


Blog: http://rebeccacraft.com/

About the Blogger: Rebecca knows what she’s doing when it comes to blogging; with experience in digital media, marketing and SEO she’s a blogging force to be reckoned with! She covers interviews, reviews, tips and much more.

Why Rebecca Loves Blogging: “The ability to blog freely and create your own voice without influence

5. Blog Name: Blinded By the Bite


Blog: http://www.blindedbythebite.com/

About the Blogger: Our favourite section of Rachelle’s food blog is the ‘recipe feast’ section! Delicious and healthy treats for all!

Favourite thing About Blogging: “My favourite thing about blogging is the community it builds, the friends you make, & people you help!

6. Blog Name: The M Studio


Blog: themstudio13.com

About the Blog: Expect loads of outfit posts with fun, playful and bright fashion ideas for young fashionistas!

What they Love about Blogging: “My favourite part of blogging is getting to know people around the world with the same taste. It’s lovely :)

7. Blog Name: Indie & Co


Blog URL: indie-and-co.com

About the Blogger: Sydney has an eye for a great photo, and that’s what we love about her blog! Her images are personal and well thought out. We could spend hours scrolling!

What Sydney Loves about Blogging: “I love having a place to store my memories. I love to chronicle my life in photos

8. Blog Name: Love Food and Beer


Blog: lovefoodandbeer.com

About the Blog: Who doesn’t love food and beer?! Take a scroll down Brian’s blog and you’ll find utterly delicious food with great recipes which are easy to follow.

Why Brian Loves Blogging: “I love that blogging allows me to share ideas with real people, and enjoy recipes ideas and thoughts from around the world”

9. Blog Name: Janurary Girl


Blog: http://januarygirl.co.uk/

About the Blog: Leanne has only been blogging since the end of last year, but she’s really got the hang of it. It’s lovely to see a blogger actually writing! We love her photos too- January Girl is a must read!

Why Leanne Loves Blogging: “I love the sense of community, blogs have been my best source of inspiration over the last year!”

10. Blog Name: The Weegie Kitchen


Blog: theweegiekitchen.com

About the Blogger: A Glaswegian food blogger with a healthy collection of cookery books! She creates really tasty treats, and her recipes are really accessible- many are easy enough for you to whip up after a day in the office. We’ve bookmarked her!

Why She Loves Blogging: “The break from academic writing! It’s wonderful to write something other than my thesis :)

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