When You Should Be Using Photoshop!


Photoshopping images is always going to be a controversial one, and while I for one don’t advocate Photoshopping your photos to make you look different (people don’t read your blog because of how you look- it’s your writing and creativity that keeps them coming back!) as a former photography student I can definitely sing the praises of Photoshop and all it can do. I have made a list of what blogs should be using Photoshop, and when you should let nature take the lead!

Food Blogs

I cannot stress how important it is for food bloggers to put in extra effort when it comes to taking photos of their culinary creations- you put in a lot of time and care creating your recipe, making the dish and writing up the post. So don’t fall at the final hurdle and take a bad photo- lighting and camera angles are your best friends here. Photoshop can be used to make the image lighter or darker, and bring out the colours of your food, as well as sharpen and tidy up. And try not to make the same mistakes Martha Stewart did…..  London Food Freak has some really good tips when it comes to food photography.

Fashion Blogs

First things first, I really don’t believe that you need to Photoshop your fashion images to make you look skinnier or change your appearance in anyway at all. Like most people I read fashion blogs that are run by normal girls like me, and who have a great sense of style and creativity. When it comes to the images, you should take your photos in great, fun locations. There is nothing wrong with Photoshopping these images, if it was an overcast day bring out the lighting and colours more, sharpen the images if you need to, and I personally live for the dodge and burn tools on Photoshop- they are amazing for editing the background of images.

Beauty Blogs

Ahhhhh…. Here is where it gets a little tricky. I personally wouldn’t recommend using Photoshop on your images to enhance the makeup you are showing, as your readers might notice and realise that you aren’t really showing an accurate representation of the products. There is obviously nothing wrong with maybe fixing a little bit here and there- but try to keep your editing as natural as possible. And there is nothing wrong with editing photos of the products- just try not to manipulate their appearance too much.

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2 Responses to When You Should Be Using Photoshop!

  1. holly November 7, 2014 at 2:06 am #

    Great Post – Totally agree about the foodie blogs needing a little extra care – another to add to the list… Travel Bloggers !



  2. Lauren Floodgate November 7, 2014 at 9:05 am #

    Thank you Holly! I love your blog, and your beautiful photography. I totally agree about travel bloggers- there are some great cheap or free editing software if you are on a budget- Katie wrote about them here!