Make Money Blogging: How To Write An eBook People Will Read

Make Money Blogging

As I’ve mentioned before one of the key questions we get asked is ‘how can I make money from my blog’, so we thought it would be useful to zone in on one of the most common ways that successful bloggers pull in extra income!

Creating an eBook can really help you show your readership that you are an authority within your niche, and if you can create something valuable enough your readers will respond. If you do decide to go ahead with creating an eBook, then you’re giving yourself a lot of work so you need to make sure that whatever you create is going to be worthwhile. Make sure you’re taking the points below into consideration before you get writing:

Work Out What Your Biggest Strengths Are

This may sound like a fairly obvious point, but it needs a little more work than you might think. Don’t just leap into writing about a topic because you think you have a good knowledge base- you need to know you have a good knowledge base, assumptions aren’t enough. Here are a few quick but insightful ways to be sure you’re planning an eBook on a topic you’re an expert in:

  • Ask those close to you: Always get people who know you, and your blog involved if you’re unsure about something. An objective but friendly opinion can be really motivating.
  • Ask your readers: Your readers are the ones who really know what your blogging strengths are, so make sure you are creating something they will want to read and share.

Make Sure You’re Writing Something People Will Read

It’s not just important to make sure you’re creating content relevant to your strengths; you must make sure the content is relevant to your readers! As mentioned above, asking your readers is a great way to gauge what they may be interested in, but you can also take a more technical approach if you have Google Analytics. This can show you your most popular pieces of content, so you should be able to work out what’s popular when coming up with eBook ideas.

Have you written an eBook, or are you planning one?! Give us your ideas, tips and thoughts in the comments below!

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