How to make your blog pop!

How to make your blog pop

There has been a lot of chat around here lately about what makes a blog look beautiful, but what makes you keep returning to your favourite blog? I’ve been thinking a lot about why I read my favourite blogs, and narrowed it down to these 5 reasons!


Content, content, content! If you don’t like or understand what you’re reading, then you won’t be visiting again… But there are so many more ways to get across your content rather than just writing it all out, have you thought about YouTube videos, Vines and Gifs? Or if you’re a dab hand at Photoshop, then there are always beautiful graphics you can create- perfect for fashion and beauty blogs! Remember the best blogs keep their content fresh and interesting.


I read too many interior design blogs for one person to cope with, but what keeps me going back to my favourites is the fact that they give me great ideas for a modest budget… So if they find a great chandelier in a fantastic mansion, which is a little steep for my budget, they give me a great idea of how to get something similar!

Easy to use

I know that we go on about it all the time, but you have no idea how quickly someone will leave a blog if they can’t find what they’re looking for in less than 5 seconds. Having a really simple, clear toolbar not only makes your blog look beautiful, but it also immediately turns it into a professional space.

Do you have a USP?

A unique selling point! If you’re a fashion blog, do you recreate red carpet looks from the charity shop circuit? As a beauty blogger, do you find alternative beauty treatments from around the world? Or maybe your lifestyle blog features a unique thing to do every day? Whatever it may be, find a niche and make it work, make it fun and something that not only your readers look forward to, but something that you look forward to as well!

Deliciously dapper design!

Obviously it really is all about what you actually put in your blog if we’re getting to the nitty gritty of it, but let’s be honest, how quickly have you left a blog that is messy, poorly designed and annoying to use? I know I’m not alone, so let’s remember the three golden rules when it comes to making your blog stand out from the crowd!

  1. Unique masthead- Getting an illustrator or designer to make one for you just instantly makes you look professional, and gives your blog a really classy and stylish look.
  2. A unique theme- Now, don’ get me wrong, I love pink. But, there are so many great fashion blogs out there that use pink as their theme colours, eventually they all merge into one….. Go for something different! Turquoise! Silver! Navy! There is a whole world full of colours out there, use them!
  3. Don’t fill up every inch- It makes your blog look messy, and distracts attention from the content- what the reader came onto the blog to see! Keep your blog clean, simple and organised and people will stay for much longer!

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    Great tips :-)