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What Makes a Good Homepage?

Every homepage has a different requirement, and of course yours should reflect the individual nature of your blog. However there are a few simple improvement tips that apply to most sites, so if you’re thinking about a redesign or just a couple of adjustments here are a few pointers on what makes an attractive homepage. […]

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now to maintain brand relationships

How to Maintain Brand Relationships

Once you’ve secured yourself a brand collaboration the hard work is far from over. Usually a relationship will begin with something simple, like a review or a competition- the key is to not let this contact be the last.  You need to make sure you build on this initial project so both you and the […]

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Are You Spending Too Much Time Blogging?

I’m certainly not discouraging spending time working on your blog, however there is a limit! With a little organisation there is no reason why you can’t continue producing the same quality of content but over less time. Really, unless your blog is in the middle of a huge overhaul there is no need for you […]

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Make Your Blog Pop With Photoshop!

  In the blogging world, images matter. They draw attention to written articles and can even stand alone as posts themselves. With mobile apps such as Instagram, Afterlight and VSCO Cam dominating social media, so many of us are already acting like amateur photographers, but when it comes to placing photos on your blog, you’ll […]

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