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How to Create a Great Blog Post Series

Creating a blog post series is useful for so many things. Creating one can be especially handy when you’re finding yourself running low on content ideas- a series can run on a theme as long as you can make it! It’s also an excellent opportunity to create content you know your readers will love- provided […]

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4 New Content Ideas for Your Blog!

Coming up with new blog post ideas can be hard enough, but coming up with a new type of content to please your readers with is a whole new kind of challenge! Although continuity is good, adding a fresh type of content to the mix once in a while can really surprise your readership, so […]

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How to make your blog pop!

There has been a lot of chat around here lately about what makes a blog look beautiful, but what makes you keep returning to your favourite blog? I’ve been thinking a lot about why I read my favourite blogs, and narrowed it down to these 5 reasons! Content Content, content, content! If you don’t like […]

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In a world where everyone seems to be using Twitter, you might feel left out if you don’t have an account for your blog. While it can appear overwhelming to start from scratch, the good thing is that it’s never too late to join the Twitter party, so don’t despair if you’re wondering where to […]

How to Prepare When Contacting a Brand

So, you’ve done your research and have found a brand you love- what next? I’d always advise getting in touch with brands you admire, even if it’s just to introduce yourself. Making yourself known, and letting people know that you love what they do is a sure way to make yourself stand out next time […]

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