Are You Spending Too Much Time Blogging?


I’m certainly not discouraging spending time working on your blog, however there is a limit! With a little organisation there is no reason why you can’t continue producing the same quality of content but over less time. Really, unless your blog is in the middle of a huge overhaul there is no need for you to spend every evening say in front of the computer!

Have you Started Scheduling Tweets?

Essentially social media is supposed to be just that- social, so I wouldn’t recommend scheduling your entire output. However, scheduling systems like Hootsuite have come in incredibly handy and I 100% recommend you start using one! It allows you to switch off from social media safe in the knowledge you’re still providing a social output for your followers.

Do you have Some Sort of Schedule for Posting?

It can seem like posting as and when you feel like it saves time- trust me it doesn’t! Even if you have a schedule that you don’t stick too, at least it helps you work out how much time you’re actually spending on your blog. I’ve spoken to loads of bloggers who before scheduling were easily spending 10 hours a week mulling over post ideas and re-writing content they were unsure of! Scheduling allows you to segment how much time you plan to spend on each aspect of a post, from ideas to picture editing.

Are Your Posts too Long?

Blog content is often at its best when it’s bite-size and to the point. Of course there is always room for a great piece of evergreen content but these longer pieces should be amongst short, sharp informative pieces. If you’re regularly writing over 800 words it’s time to scale down!

How do you make sure you don’t let blogging take over your life?! Give us your tips below!

2 Responses to Are You Spending Too Much Time Blogging?

  1. Amrita @ Drifting Traveller April 15, 2014 at 12:31 pm #

    Short and bite sized posts gain more popularity but aren’t longer posts better for SEO, google search keywords etc. ? I don’t think all posts should be short and sweet/sharp. Some of my longer posts have gained loyal and serious readers and followers.

    • Rebecca Brown April 15, 2014 at 1:17 pm #

      By no means should all posts be short, but there should be a good balance between the longer ‘Evergreen’ content I mentioned and bite size pieces- anything under around 800 words which people can read and share quickly.

      People love to read short articles during their commute for example, but on the weekends might sit down to read longer in-depth articles- so ideally you want both! :)