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double your readership in six months

How to Double Your Readership in 6 months!

  Especially when you first start blogging, readership can be difficult to build up. Although there are no quick-fixes to this, there are ways that you can build your readership far quicker than you would otherwise. Here’s a round-up of what you should be doing- whether you’ve been blogging for days or years! Do some […]

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5 Things That Will Lose Your Blog Visitors

Gaining visitors is great- but the most important thing is keeping them! These loyal followers will help your social following grow and make your blog sustainable. However there are various things which will put readers, both old and new, off reading your posts. Here are a quick few pointers on what might be putting people […]

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Looking to increase Twitter followers? You’ve come to the right place. Natalie De Luca from the South London Blog shares her tips on how to get to that all important 1,000 follower threshold, and beyond. 1.Start Following Others – This sounds like an obvious one but the crucial thing here is to follow the right […]