Click Bait Headlines: Attracting New Readers to your Blog


As fickle as it may sound, the key to attracting new readers doesn’t just lie in the content you write. Coming up with catchy and engaging titles makes a world of difference. There are various ways to build readership through content, and one of the best ways to do this is to offer your expertise on a subject. A great way to do this is to play on any successes you have made through blogging, however small, and create a ‘How To…’ article from this. For example, for those of you who have yet to take part in paid incentives, but have received a freebie from a company, use this to create a ‘How to get your first freebie’ article.


Placing yourself as an authority in this way will not only gain you readers- it will help you hang onto them. The largest and most profitable growth area in the blogging world is blogging about blogging! Although this doesn’t mean you should concentrate solely on these kinds of articles, as soon as you reach any milestone make use of this. Whether it’s how to reach 1000 twitter followers, how to generate comments on your posts or how to get a job through your blog, ensure you are keeping track of your successes and using them to increase your position as an authority in your niche!


Step by step guides are really popular with the online community, so if you think you have enough knowledge to write an informative guide start creating articles like ‘The 5 Step Guide to Improving your Blog Photo’s’ , or ‘How to Increase your subscribers list in 5 easy steps’. However the only way this can really work for you fully is if you make these titles specific to your niche. For example, if you’re a travel blogger create a guide on travel photography rather than photography in general. This will not only get you a larger audience, but the audience you do gain will be relevant and therefore loyal.


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