How to Boost Your Following by Working with Other Bloggers

Working with Other Bloggers

The blogging community is ever growing and immersing yourself in it and utilising your co-bloggers expertise has never been more important. Collaborating will other bloggers can have an invaluable impact, not only is it great for networking but it can boost your SEO and social following. But how can you do this most effectively? Here are a few ideas on how you can work with bloggers, and how the relationship can work for you.

Guest Posting

It’s the oldest trick in the book, because it works! The first stage is to identify a list of relevant blogs and sites you think could not only help your cause but could really benefit from some content provided by you. Once you have your list, don’t be shy- get in touch! Whether a simple tweet to start or a full blown outreach email make your intentions clear from the start. Let them know what you think collaboration could offer and where your expertise lie. Perhaps even send a couple of examples of your content. Guest posting is often a two way street, and if you’re putting yourself out there be prepared to publish some reciprocal guest posts from your new found contacts! Guest posting is great for SEO, building a wider following and increasing social interaction so be sure to give it a go.


Conducting blogger interviews is a great way to build relationships, as well as your own following. If you’re a music blogger for example, interviewing up and coming bands is a excellent way to gain coverage on their social media channels. Interviewing other blogs is equally as rewarding to your blog. If you write a fashion blog, identify the top influencers in your genre and try to ask them just a few questions for your own blog. This will not only be a great feature for your readers, but will gain you a great new contact in your genre. Hopefully your following will see a boost too!

Featured Bloggers

Having a featured blogger either on a weekly or monthly basis will help you build inter-blogger relationships. Pick a few bloggers in your genre that you admire and are happy to endorse in a short blog post. Once you have done so simply let the blogger know you have done so, and hopefully they’ll be flattered enough to tell their following! This will have allowed you to start a conversation with another blogger you may be interested in working with, as well as giving your blog some great social coverage- and perhaps a link too.

Building on this idea, think about creating ‘top 10’ lists of bloggers in your genre. You can then let them all know they featured in your list, inviting them to mention this on their social profiles and blogs. Not only is this kind of content great for networking, readers love it! Placing yourself as an authority on the top bloggers of the moment in your field is a great thing to do and should get an enthusiastic  reaction from readers.


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