How to Double Your Readership in 6 months!


double your readership in six months

Especially when you first start blogging, readership can be difficult to build up. Although there are no quick-fixes to this, there are ways that you can build your readership far quicker than you would otherwise. Here’s a round-up of what you should be doing- whether you’ve been blogging for days or years!

  • Do some outreach!

Most people won’t know who you are- unless you tell them! This is particularly true at the start of your blogging career. Although social media is a great tool, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned email. Gather a list of around 20 of your favourite bloggers. Make sure they’re relevant to what you blog about, and simply introduce yourself. Tell them a little about your blog, and let them know you’re open to collaborations and suggestions. Although you can easily do this via comments and tweets, emails are a little more personal plus you’ll be able to say more.

  • Maximise your content output

On average people post about 2-3 times a week. This is a good amount, but if you’re working on building your following it’s worth trying to post everyday- at least for a few weeks! This will ensure people keep coming back often to see what’s new. Take the time one day a week to really work on your content and have it ready to put out. It’ll take a lot of hard work but it will mean that your readers will constantly have something fresh to read and share.

  • Use social media and blogger networks in the right way

The social media point seems obvious- but how you use it can make all the difference. Rather than just tweeting your posts and retweeting others, ask people questions and interact. Perhaps ask a few of your favourite bloggers what they think about your latest post, or tell them how much you love one of theirs! Be as active as you have time to be. Often people use twitter purely as a promotional tool- but this won’t get you followers. Interaction and becoming part of your niches online community will benefit you far more.

  • Vary your content

Content is key, not only to getting followers- but to keeping them. Would your content lend itself to video? If so why not make a monthly video you can put up? Try interviews, reviews, collaborations- anything new you can think of. As always the best way to do this is to look at the top 5 most successful bloggers in your niche. Their bound to be content experts, so take inspiration from what they do and recreate it in your own way.

  • Use click-bait headlines

We already have a great post on this! Take a look here to see how you can use click-bait headlines to attract new followers!

Although these tips can help you boost your following, there’s no substitute for hard work. Especially in the early days you’ll need to working round the clock to get your blog off the ground. But as long as you have a clear vision and follow these easy guidelines you’ll get there in the end!

2 Responses to How to Double Your Readership in 6 months!

  1. Monika January 8, 2014 at 2:12 pm #

    Hi Rebecca,
    thanks for the great tips. I am hoping to improve my blog and will try out your suggestions. I feel a bit anxious at times because English is my second language and it takes me a long time to write my posts usually. Do you have any advice for English as a second language bloggers?

    • Rebecca Brown January 8, 2014 at 2:16 pm #

      Hey! You’re very welcome! Well, I don’t know about specific tips…but what I would say is that when people read a blog they want to to be personal in style. If this means a few personal reference’s here and a couple of colloquial terms there then that’s nothing to worry about at all! In my view it will help your personality come through in your posts. Plus the more you keep writing and blogging the better your English will become!