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The best SEO tips from the experts at DBD Media!

Charlotte: When analysing your blog for ease of use, try to look at it from an outside perspective. While you may know where every page on your site is located, your users may struggle if there is no obvious navigation or linking strategy in place. Useful deep level pages can often get lost if you have to sift through pages of content to find an anchor text link – as a general rule, each page should be reachable in no more than 3 obvious clicks.

Ed: Link your posts on your blog to a Google plus profile, which has a head shot of you (as a blogger) looking all blogger-ish.

If you are a bit ugly like Cyrus Shepard, he wrote about it here à then use a black and white image, it’s more flattering, and will apparently increase click through.

Then use the exact search operator “article text in here” with snippets of your blogs to check that it’s indexed and Google’s showing your face in the search results. You can try searching for a few keywords relating to what you have written to see what you (and your blog posts) may be appearing for in the search results.

Also, if you blog anywhere else, add yourself as a contributor to wherever you may have blogged on your Google plus profile.This can mean that your face will show up next to an excellent piece you may have written for the New Statesman, for example.

Luke: Make sure you write articles people are searching for advice on. So make sure you use keyword research tools to target topics people are actively searching for online.

Rhian: Consider your blogs site architecture – don’t include lots of external site-wide links or blogrolls on sidebars as this can reduce your rankings, remember to only link internally when it is relevant, and set up a custom robots.txt file to exclude pages you don’t want indexed from search results.

Matt: Build relationships with other bloggers by guest posting on their blogs and vice versa – it’s a great way to gain exposure for your blog and increase your readership. Don’t worry about gaining links from guest posts – that will come naturally!

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