Becoming Part of the Blogging Community

Starting up a blog is often something we do to achieve personal goals; getting the dream job, becoming a social influencer or being able to monetise are often motivations. Whatever your reasons for starting a blog and however personal they are there will almost certainly come a time when you need the blogging community to help you out.


The ‘success’ of a blog is often measured by how engaged the audience are. Brands will often look at following, and how many comments each post receives to judge how much of an influencer you are. It’s not only brands that use these metrics- good user interaction and loyal readership will all help your Google rankings too! So, in order to reach your goals, you need to become a well established part of your community. Here’s how:

1.       Get Reading!

Know your niche inside out. What are your fellow bloggers talking about? Are there any industry issues that everyone is picking up on? You’re not going to be able to fully integrate yourself into your community’s conversations without a good understanding of what makes them tick, and what’s important to them. Reading around your niche is something we’d encourage all bloggers to do anyway- it’s the perfect way to stay in touch with what readers want as well as keeping your ideas fresh!

2.       Get involved

See a conversation you’re interested in? Get involved! This means commenting, tweeting or even emailing the bloggers directly! Bloggers can be as guilty as brands sometimes when it comes to not paying attention to other bloggers content. Do not leave a generic ‘nice post’ comment! It’ll get you nowhere! Instead take the time to read and consider what’s been said and come up with a response to the post in question. You’ll build a new relationship and strike up a conversation in no time.

3.       Start your Own Conversation

Once you’ve had a good read round you should have a good understanding of any current trends amongst your fellow bloggers. You don’t always need to be the one getting involved in conversations- you can be the one starting them! Is there a certain brand everyone is talking about? Perhaps there is a new blogging tool you want your reader’s opinions on? Create a post that is relevant to your niche, and promote it. Send it round to a few bloggers you think might have an opinion on it and encourage them to comment or post a response. Just one post like this could be the start of a long and happy relationship with your blogging community!

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