Creative Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Creative Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

If you’re thinking about monetizing your blog, there are loads of creative ways you can do this! Your blog represents you, so you can be just as creative about how you make money from it as you are about its content and design! Here are a few ideas for those of you looking for a way to monetize that satisfies your creative juices:


You may not think of yourself as an educator, but you’d be surprised how many people want and need blogging tips! And it doesn’t have to stop there. If you’re a travel blogger, why not create a tutorial on how to write about travel? If you blog about beauty, create a tutorial on how to properly review a product! If your advice is good enough and you have some genuinely useful tips and tricks, use the expertise you have developed whilst blogging and turn this into a commodity.


For many of you this may be a little way down the line, but if you’ve built up a great deal of knowledge in your niche you should definitely consider writing an ebook! Guides are often popular, so travel bloggers often focus on creating guides on how to travel on the cheap. Fashion bloggers could create a guide to London Fashion Week for newbie’s. They can be great fun to write, and with you putting in every effort to publicise your creation ebooks can often be very profitable!

Brand Advisor

Again you’ll need to put the work in to reach this goal! It’s finally getting through to brands across all niches that bloggers are pretty important!! Bloggers are the soundboard for the majority of consumers in certain sectors- so what you guys think is invaluable to brands. If you can prove that you have a loyal following and an in depth knowledge of blogging and what bloggers want you can offer these services to brands! The fact that you have a blog alone will look excellent on your C.V, but if you have the expertise you can turn this knowledge into an entire roll. Hard work and dedication will be needed though!

Create/Sell a product

Are you a regional blogger? Why not source a few great products from your local area to sell on your blog!? If you blog about vintage and have even just a small following, start sourcing just a few pieces to sell on your site! Fashion blogging is ideal for this; your readers will want to emulate your style so selling products that can help them do this should go down well!

There are so many ways that you can use your knowledge in your given area to source or create great products! If you really develop your blog you could even propose a collaboration with a brand in your niche.

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