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Since we started up we’ve come into contact with a wealth of amazing blogging talent, so much so we’ve decided a weekly top 5 is in order! Whether its travel, fashion or business- whatever the genre, you could be in with a chance of featuring! All you need is a passion for blogging and some great content! Here are this week’s stand out blogs:

The Nomadic Family

Not only do these guys have a great story to tell- they tell it well! Travelling around the world with their three children, Kobi and Gabi blog about every experience with a great humorous tone that really gives you a feel of who they are. Not many blogs convey personality as well as these guys do!

Ashley Ording, Fancy Fine

First up, we love her header. Secondly, we love her photos. Ashley’s is a great blog to meander through with a nice cup of tea. But Fashion Fine isn’t just nice to look at; Ashley genuinely knows what she’s doing when it comes to putting an outfit together. We particularly like her recent posts ‘San Francisco Girl’ parts one and two.

Belle Du Brighton

Lifestyle, food, fashion and a baby…what more could you want from a blog?! Lauren has a great vintage style. Of course this blog is at its most useful if you’re planning a trip to Brighton, but it’s also a great handbook on how to look great and stay productive when you’re a new mother- highly recommended!

Bespoke Bride

Because there blog not only looks amazing, it’s truly a stand out blog in one of the most competitive genres. Plus- it’s almost their 2nd birthday! These guys are an incredible example of where your blog could be in 2 years.

Yorkshire Pudd

If we’ve learnt anything from Christopher Blackburn, the founder of Yorkshire Pudd, it’s that winning a Yorkshire pudding contest and getting on telly gets you places. This blog is not just a must for fans of Yorkshire pudding, but for anyone who loves a good hearty meal!

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  1. Y Jenner November 28, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    What a good idea-something to look forward to-you do the searching -we just do the reading and enjoying.