An interview with ‘The Sunday Girl’


So tell us a little about your blog, why you started it and what it’s all about!

It was started on a whim – an escape to wax lyrical about lipsticks. I didn’t for one minute think it would be still going strong nearly three years on.

 How long did it take you to build up a following on your blog, and how did you manage it?

I began beauty blogging in early 2011 and steadily build up a following over the last few years. There is no quick fix to gain a loyal readership other than hard work.

What’s your plan for your blog, and where would you like it to be in a year from now?

I’m not one to plan, I like to take each day as it comes but I do hope my blog is still going strong a year from now.

What advice do you have from budding beauty bloggers hoping to build a readership?

Stay true to yourself, write about what you enjoy and engage with readers be it via comments, emails or twitter.

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