Is your social media strategy losing you followers?


Most bloggers see social media channels first and foremost as promotional tools- there is nothing wrong with this! People will follow you to find out what’s new on your blog so it’s only natural that you’ll use these channels to promote it. However there is a line- too much self promotion and not enough interaction can quickly loose you followers who will lose interest in your newsfeed. Although when you do have a new post it’s only natural to tweet about it, make sure you are using social media in a more rounded way than that.

Rather than just tweeting out the latest posts, take a little time each day to look through your followings posts and comment on what they have to say. Try to start at least one new conversation a day, this way it will be clear you are part of the blogging community, rather than just using twitter to promote yourself.

Getting involved in organised chats can also be a great way to build new relationships online. Think of around 3 questions before you get involved that you think people will have a lot to say on. They key to making the most out of these chats is to follow up all interaction- follow all those you end up chatting to and don’t let the conversation end there!

One issue that people can also find tedious on social media is too many retweets. Be selective about what you retweet rather than just aiming to get one back. Will your followers appreciate the content you’re retweeting? Is it entertaining and relevant? If so go ahead- if not you’re better leaving it. It’s also worth finding new ways to promote your content. Perhaps tweet your latest post to a fellow blogger to get their thoughts rather than just tweeting it out as a new post. This will vary the tone of your tweets a little!

Whatever your position, and even if your following is growing and not falling, it’s wise to reassess your social strategy every 6 months or so. Trends do change, and it’s wise to keep an eye on what other bloggers in your niche are doing.

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