The Bloggers’ Lounge Blogger of the Week is Back!


As many of you will know, we’ve long been featuring bloggers from all niches. It doesn’t matter how large or small your following is, or how long you’ve been blogging; if you have a blog and are passionate about blogging you’re in with a chance of featuring on the Bloggers’ Lounge!

Here’s how:

We used to do these kinds of shout outs on twitter, but for now we’ll be moving the party over to Facebook for our blogger of the week searches! All you need to do is like our Facebook page, and leave a comment with one blogging tip. It can social media based, pr based, tech based- literally anything you like!

Every Friday we’ll pick our favourite tip, and will feature the blogger behind it. Simple!

Here’s our page: can’t wait to read your tips!


If you have any questions, email for more info. 

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