PR Tips for Bloggers


The great thing about being a blogger is that you are totally self-sufficient. You become your own writer, PR, business director and social media manager all in one. This is of course incredible experience, and if you stick at it the rewards are unparalleled. However it can be hard to master each and every one of these disciplines- but not to worry, the Bloggers’ Lounge is here to help! And to start we have our guide to becoming your own PR.

Never contact anyone without researching them first!

Every PR worth their salt will tell you never to contact anyone unless you know at least a little about them! If you’re contacting a blogger about a collaboration, make sure you read their about me section as well as browsing over their posts. It’s also a good idea to look over their social media accounts to see what they’re currently up to, and what their tone is like. If you send a generic clueless sounding email you’ll get nowhere- think how you feel when you receive emails like this!

When it comes to contacting brands, the same applies. Take a good look over the brands social media pages and site. Have they worked with bloggers before? What can working with you offer them? Make notes on all of these things whilst you research.

Be clear about what your aims are

Before you get in touch with anyone, make sure you are 100% clear about why you are doing so. Are you looking to collaborate in the long term, or are you looking for a one off hit like a guest post or product? Whatever it is make sure you are clear and honest in your email.

See your first bout of outreach as market research

Actually getting in touch with people can be one of the most revealing things. Often, you’ll start with one idea and after a bout of fruitless but helpful replies you’ll decide to change your angle. For this reason you should always keep your options as open as possible. Although your initial aims should be clear to the recipient, there is no need to disregard any suggestions you may receive. This is how most brands come up with their best ideas- if your target audience isn’t interested in your ideas; ask them for some new ones!

Outline the mutual benefits

Coming across as single minded is never a good look! Always consider what exactly you are going to offer in return for your own request. This could be a guest post in return, social media coverage or even coverage on your blog- whatever you feel comfortable offering. Of course it’s an idea to make sure what you are offering is fairly equal in time and effort to what you are requesting!


If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to comment or tweet in!

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