How to Keep Readers on Your Blog


The first task you have when starting a blog is getting people to your site; the second is keeping them there! Here are a few tips, to help you turn one-off readers into full-time fans:

Recommended Reading

This point is especially true once you’ve been blogging for a little while, and have a great pool of content to provide your readers with; at the end of your post put a couple of links to older posts which are relevant to what you’ve written. This will help new readers move through your site and get used to your content. Remind your readers that they don’t need to leave your blog after reading one quick post- you have plenty to offer and can keep them entertained for hours! Once someone has read 2 or 3 articles they’re far more likely to come back for more, not to mention recommending you to other potential readers.

Accessible Social Links

If someone has found your blog and is enjoying your content you should make it as easy as possible for them to follow you! I find social links in the right-hand side bar work best, as the eye is naturally drawn there after reading a post. Once you have someone as a follower, they’ll be able to keep up with your new content- and hopefully you’ll have yourself a new repeat reader.

Make Sure Your Homepage is Easy to Use

This is completely and utterly essential. In fact the other points are almost irrelevant if you haven’t got this one down. No matter how great your content is, or how accessible your social links seem, if you don’t have a good blog layout then its game over! Your homepage is the ultimate first impression when it comes to blogging. It must be clear, clean and easy to use. If you’re having trouble with your homepage take a look at our write up on what makes a good homepage.

Internal Linking

A little like recommended readings, linking internally to other parts of your site at relevant points in your article is a good way to move people around your blog, as well as letting new readers know you have plenty more to offer on a given subject if they need further reading.

Be Individual, and Build Your Blogging Brand

This is a slightly tougher one, because unlike the others it’s not such a quick fix, but turning your blog into a brand is the ultimate doorway to a dedicated readership. It will take time to do, but ultimately however generic your general niche (fashion, travel, parenting etc.) there must be something about your blog that stands out as individual and reader-worthy. Whether this is an amazing design, uber-honest reviews or a funny tone of voice, work out what’s going to make you stand out in the long run and develop your blogging style as you go.

Are you having trouble keeping readers on your blog, or do you have any great tips to add to the list? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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