‘Why I started Blogging’ – by Lily Doughball


My blogging story probably began like most other bloggers – I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across a beautifully photographed hair tutorial. Clicking onto it I realised it came from a website called A Beautiful Mess, and once I had clicked onto that I was hooked. I didn’t really know what a blog was to begin with, but spent a good hour or so looking through ABM and loved what they were doing – little snippets of their life through their fashion, beauty tips and recipes, all amazingly photographed.

As much as I loved (and still do love) to read ABM, I couldn’t always relate to everything they were posting, as they were based in the States. It was always a bit of a fantasy clicking through their site and wishing that my house could look like theirs, or lamenting the fact that my hair didn’t look like the picture. I can’t remember how I discovered that first British blogger, but once I did I was completely overwhelmed – suddenly blogging became ‘real’ for me. It didn’t have to be a business, like A Beautiful Mess, but it could be something you did at home to showcase your genuine passion for something.

The first British blog I read was A Rosie Outlook – I loved her outfit posts taken on an English street (with often very English weather) and I loved her writing style peppered with colloquialisms. She shared her adventures too, but these were simple things like taking the dog for a long walk, or having breakfast at her favourite café. From her blog I found a whole network of talented bloggers all doing the same thing – sharing their love for something (fashion, photography, make up tips, cooking) from behind their laptop screens.

It took me a while before I decided to write a blog. I would be doing things in everyday life and pondering how I could write a post up about it, or picturing the photographs I would take, until one day, just after my birthday last year, I decided to give it a go. I wanted to use blogging as a motivational tool to be more creative. I left uni in July 2012 and immediately started work as a product photographer, and found myself not wanting to do much else after my long commute than sit in front of the telly when I got home.

I would look through all the Pinterest boards of awesome craft projects and wish that I ‘had the time’ to do something similar, when I realised that it wasn’t the time I was lacking, rather the motivation. The blog acts as a bit of a kick up the bum to do things I have always wanted to, but lacked the apparent time and effort. It was initially going to just be a craft blog, but since starting I have incorporated other topics including food, fashion, beauty and my own adventures at the weekend. I have met so many lovely people over the last couple of months and although my blog has only just started, I have loved watching it evolve and look forward to next few months and new blogging ventures.

You can find me over at www.lilydoughball.com, on Twitter – , Instagram – , Pinterest – pinterest.com/lilydoble or Bloglovin – https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/8108013/lily-doughball.

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