An interview with Rachel, editor in chief of ‘Who is She’ and co-founder of FABB events!


So Rachel, to start tell us a little about yourself and your blog! When did you start blogging?

How to begin… I’m a 28 year old Human Resources Officer by day and a Blogger by night from the bright lights of Durham. I’ve been blogging now for about 3 years and it hasn’t been until the last year that I’ve actually told friends, family and work colleagues about my blog. I’ve always been obsessed with Fashion and Beauty and would take 1001 photos on my phone of things I needed to buy come payday or outfit inspirations. I think my friends were getting annoyed with me constantly showing them photos asking for their opinion they suggested I put it online for other like-minded people to comment on and “Who is She” was born. The name Who is She came from the fact that for the first 4 months I wouldn’t post any photos of my face on the blog.

What’s your blog all about, and how do you make it stand out from other blogs in your niche?

My blog is random rambles on anything really, whether it is fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. As I’ve just bought my first home I’m currently taking my readers on the journey with me and sharing my experiences hoping that my advice can help someone else in a similar situation. As daft as this may sound I think the reason I try and make my blog stand out is the fact that when you read a post its like you’re having a conversation with me. I’m always honest and if I don’t like a product I’ll tell you. Now that my friends are aware of my blog they say how I come across on my blog is how I am in real life. I hope my readers get my sense of humor and know when to take things with a pinch of salt.

You and Tor of That’s Peachy run FABB events, can you tell us a little about this? To start- why did you set it up and what are the companies aims?

FABB events stand for Fashion and Beauty Blogging Events and the aim of the event is simple – we bring blogging events to a city near you. We’ve previously arranged two successful meet ups in Leeds and noticed that there was a gap in the market for events north of London. We think all bloggers regardless of how many followers you have should have the opportunity to go to events. The feedback which we’ve received from bloggers has been overwhelming and if it wasn’t for them FABB wouldn’t have taken off.

What exactly happens at your events, and why do you think bloggers could benefit from coming along?

What sets FABB apart from other events is the fact that we don’t tell you what the event is about until you are actually in the room itself. No clues nothing, we don’t even tell you in advance how many bloggers will be attending. The reason why we have an air of mystery around the events is that we don’t want any bloggers feeling overwhelmed by going to an event when they might know no-one. We want you to be surprised when you walk into the venue. By coming to a FABB event you have the chance to meet PR/Brands and for yourselves other local bloggers. Sometimes you can feel that you’re the only blogger from a certain area when in fact you’re not that’s why we encourage people to search a hash tag on twitter for an event and to interact with other bloggers prior to the event so you will see some familiar faces.

What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?!

I would have to say the FABB Newcastle event – standing in a room with 40 actual local bloggers (for me) was overwhelming. I honestly thought there were only a few bloggers from the North East – how wrong was I?

You must meet plenty of budding bloggers at your events, what would you say is the biggest issue facing new bloggers today? And if you could give any advice to these bloggers what would it be?

I think the main issue facing new bloggers today is the pressure to be successful and have a large number of followers. As long as you are happy with your blog that’s all what matters. Write what you want to write about, and you can always take part in #bbloggers chat on Twitter to interact with bloggers. Thousands of followers and page views don’t come straightaway (good things come to those who wait as the saying goes). As long as you’re happy with your content, who cares what anyone else thinks.

And finally, who are your favourite bloggers right now and why?!

Favourite bloggers at the moment has to be Tor from Thats Peachy (obviously); you got to love her style. If I see a dress or an outfit which is a “Tor” outfit I have to send her a picture – it’s scary how well I know her style now. Also I love Helen from The Love Cats Inc – I met her at FABB Newcastle and she is just lovely. Her skincare reviews are in-depth yet concise and her style is amazing. Also she takes the time to talk to people on twitter and really promotes up and coming blogs. If you ask her a question she’ll reply straight away – what a star!!

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