An Interview with Laura, Editor of Side Street Style!


We spoke to Laura from Side Street Style about blogging with family, photography and her all time favourite bloggers!

So to start, for those who haven’t come across your blog yet tell us a bit about it….!

Side Street Style is a collective of all the things we love in life and also includes insights from both my partner and son, so I suppose you would call it a family lifestyle blog with lots of travel, interiors and fashion and ethical fun thrown in for good measure. We are a creative couple who love life, enjoy the outdoors, seeing the world while attempting to remain fairly stylish while navigating modern parenting.

Side Street Style

What made you start blogging, and how has your blog evolved since you started?

It actually started 5 years ago when I was waiting for an interview for a high street fashion store – while in the waiting room I picked up a magazine which showcased some street style from bloggers and the idea formed except I wanted more flexibility with regards to what mine would be all about. it started out predominately fashion, graphics, travel and art inspired but when I met John who has equally has a passion for travel, interiors and fashion it seemed only natural he would be included in the blog and then our son came along, whom we love sharing the world with and natural it evolved from there.

One thing we love about your blog is your photography. Do you think it’s important for a blogger to have at least one skill they really shine at?

I think most bloggers are pretty creative people in general and I know personally I am a very visual person and love reading illustration/craft/photography blogs as well those that focus one well written pieces that can move you. I think that letting your passion shine through will always attract more readers naturally.

What would you say has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

Oh wow we have had a few and are always so grateful for all the opportunities that we have had through the blog. I think making the finals of both the Bibs and MADS blog awards have been humbling as it’s voted for by the people who read your blog. Otherwise being featured in magazine was amazing as well as meeting a few famous people and spending time with the lovely crew at Ralph Lauren in London.

Side Street Style

It’s lovely how your whole family is included in the blog- do you prefer blogging about your entire family rather than solo?

I love including the family on the blog and really enjoy Johns “Boys Club post” of course John works full-time and blogging is what I do on a day to day basis but every evening we discuss it and what input he wants that week and it’s also a great way to document all our adventures with the little man as well, on that level it’s like a virtual diary.

And finally, tell us a little about a few of your favourite bloggers…..!

The great things about blogs and sharing inspiration is that often you can cross over from the virtual work to the real world and I have some amazing blogging friends whose blogs I thoroughly enjoy and I could list so many but will keep it short. First of all is the very creative, colourful and stylish Fritha from Tiger Lilly Quinn, Ella and her very chic lifestyle blog She and Life, Foodie love from Lia at Tangerine Canteen, sweet toddler crafts from Jessica at Along came Cherry and travel inspiration from Emily at The Lotus Creative


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  1. Olga November 26, 2014 at 2:00 pm #

    Nice informative interview. It is really interesting to read, how the other people came to blogging and why they are doing it.

    Olga – street style blogger from Dubai