An interview with Clare Knight, Editor in Chief of ‘Milky Tea Kid’!


I had the pleasure of interviewing the Ticketmaster Blog Award nominee  Clare Knight about her blog Milky Tea Kid. Here, we speak to her about blogging, tips and music! Photo by Maren Farra

So to start, tell us a little about your blog…. 

Milky Tea Kid is a music blog that focuses on shining a light on the unsigned and understated bands alongside the more well known artists around. It has been running for 4 years now but only really started to become a serious blog a few years ago. I have been lucky enough to interview some big names like Jessie J, Newton Faulkner and Bastille and last year I got to ask Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac a question about his relationship with Stevie Nicks for Sky Arts 1! I recently launched a giveaway ( as a “thank you” to supporters for helping Milky Tea Kid fly past 1 million views on the YouTube channel. (

How do you find music blogging? Do you find the music niche of blogging a competitive one?

I find blogging about music is a subjective thing and if you are an independent blogger then you should stick to your opinions and not be swayed by the general consensus or that well known reviewer who writes for the Guardian. Opinions are never wrong, they may differ but your opinion is your own. To stand out I think you have to be honest.

I wouldn’t say that music blogging is too competitive, not with other independent blogs, because everyone is doing their own thing, talking about music that they like. If anything I would say that independent music bloggers are a bit of a community rather than competing with each other. It’s not dissimilar to the fashion or beauty bloggers for instance. The main competition comes from the big dogs and getting your voice heard in the over-saturated world that is the Internet!

What are your aims for your blog, and where would you like to see it in 1 year from now?

My blog is very much the music that I like, and I like music from loads of genres. I want to see my blog become a respected place to find good music within a plethora of styles. In a year from now I would like more people to have heard about Milky Tea Kid. Plain and simple!

What tips do you have for bloggers just starting out- in particular those interested in music?

No. 1 – Don’t think too much about setting up a blog, just do it. You won’t regret giving it a go but you’ll regret not trying!

No. 2 – Be confident (not arrogant) in what you are doing, make that come across when speaking to people.

No. 3 – Make any connections into your friends – when you need that something in the future, you are more likely to get it.

No. 4 – Be honest but not rude. I think this is important. If I don’t like something then I just don’t blog about it. There is no need to insult someone and something they have created because you don’t like it, there are probably plenty of people who do like it.

And finally, who are your favourite bloggers right now?!

V’s World – Vanessa has a great lifestyle blog and she is a lovely lady. The blog has a nice mixture of fashion, travel, music and more, which I often spend ages browsing through.

La Blogothèque – I have always enjoyed watching their videos, beautiful locations and nice videography.


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