An Interview with Chrissie Lowe, of Manchester Flick Chick!


To start, for those who don’t know tell us a little about your blog. When did you start it up, and what’s it all about?!

I started Manchester Flick Chick 15 months ago when I deleted my old neglected blog and started fresh with WordPress.

I wanted my blog to be a place where I could share my photography of Manchester, street-art and events. Then I quickly added cruelty-free beauty finds and great places catering for vegetarians. My friends suggested I add my alt style and then companies contacted my about product reviews.

What is the blogging scene like in Manchester? Are there any good link-ups or events you can recommend for fellow Manchester based bloggers?! 

The first time I knew there was any kind of blogger scene in Manchester was attending a blogger event and a group of friendly bloggers told me about the North West Bloggers page of FB. It’s such a wonderful online community. There is a Manc bloggers meet up in Fallowfield in February. I’ve also got tickets for the annual Blog On event which covers Greater Manchester and the North West.

What do you find most difficult about the blogging process, and how do you overcome this? 

I never found it difficult until the new year. I wrote a post wondering out loud why I had ‘bloggers burn out’ when I still loved blogging. I realised I was putting pressure on my self to post constantly and generate more page views so more companies would collaborate with me.

I was surprised and touched by how much encouragement and advice I got in response to the post.

Taking time off and remembering why you started blogging in the first place is very helpful. Also stop comparing your blog to others or you’ll go nuts and remember it’s your own unique thing.

What has been your most successful post to date?

Aside from competitions/offers, it was ‘The Bloggers Cheat Sheet’. A post aimed at passing on everything I’d learned in my first year of blogging to newer bloggers or bloggers without much support, to help them. I re-read it the other week to remind my self of my own advice actually, haha!


If you could give just 3 key tips to new bloggers in your niche, what would they be?

At first I didn’t want a niche blog. I wanted more of a magazine feel covering absolutely everything! Which would have been a bit random really. So my answer is:

Find what’s at the heart of your blog and what really matters to you most, then you will easily find your niche or at least a basic grounding for your blog and your own voice.

Get out and about and don’t forget to take your camera!

Chill, don’t stress too much, remember it’s meant to be fun!


And finally, who are your favourite bloggers right now?

Suzie at has a lifestyle blog which I’ve been reading, pretty much since it started.

Helen at has a really creative and varied blog

Kajsa at is lovely and has a lifestyle blog, which I read as much as possible.

Vicky at has great lifestyle and style blog

Skint Dad is a blog by a Dad about his family and how they are making a little money go a long way, in a fun way.

‘Podge’ is a Manchester Mummy with a lifestyle blogger

Naomi at is a beauty, style and lifestyle blogger who’s style is quite alt-girl and she’s also a veggie.

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