Featured Blogger: Emma, Editor and Founder of Fork & Good!


This weeks featured blogger is Emma, editor and founder of Fork & Good!

To start, tell us a little about yourself and your blog!
I’m Emma, and I could talk about food all day.  I like cooking it, looking at pictures of it, thinking about it, writing about it and sometimes I dream about it.  (Woke up once licking my pillow.  Not nice.)  My blog, Fork & Good is my way of channeling this obsession and turning it into something productive and colourful.  The name is a cheeky wink to my dad, who was always my taste tester when I lived back home.  I knew I was onto something good if he swore at me!

When did your love for food start, and what made you want to start blogging?
Oh wow, that’s a question I could write about for pages, but I’ll try to keep it short.  My love for food started in the womb!  I’ve always loved being in the kitchen, but my true love of food came when I started to eat healthily after college. (Who doesn’t live on vending machines there?!)  This involved ditching the junk food and ready meals learning about real, awesome food.  I haven’t been able to stop since.

Hmm, it’s difficult to pinpoint the origin as I’ve always loved blogging.  I know that Fork & Good started at a charity ‘cake off’, I’d made some chocolate caramel flapjacks that were selling like hot cakes (Sorry, puns are also a favourite of mine) As we sold off the last one,  A friend told me I should start writing my recipes down properly, we chatted about what I would call it or what I could make and I got really excited and decided to go for it.  I started with a really rubbish camera and no knowledge of editing or graphics.  It’s been really fun to learn, and hilarious to look back on.


What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?
That’s a difficult one.  It’s lovely to be recognised like this, and I’ve worked with some fantastic companies and bloggers, but nothing really compares to hearing that someone is enjoying what you write.  The first Facebook ‘like’ from someone I didn’t know made my day, as did the first email from a ‘fan’.  It’s lovely to connect with people who share the same passion as you do.

Where would you like to see your blog in one year from now?
Hopefully I’d love to have a few more experiences under my belt as a blogger, I recently attended my first event and that was so much fun!  Apart from that, as long as I’m still here and still writing, I’d be pretty happy!

What difficulties do you think most effect food bloggers today?
I don’t know if it’s a difficulty, but people don’t usually want to cook for me as they think I’m going to waltz in there and criticise it.  I actually really like being cooked for! Also plagiarism is a massive pain in the butt.  You here of complete posts being ripped off and photographs being taken and passed off as someone else’s.  You try to take it as a compliment but so much work goes into them it’s hard not to be peeved!

6. And finally, who are your favourite bloggers at the moment.That is a hard question as I read hundreds of blogs.  I really like The Sugar Hit for style,  Movita beaucoup is hilarious and for the beautiful pictures I always read Angie’s recipes.  God, there just too many to count!

All images take from http://www.forkandgood.com/. If you’d like information on how you might be able to feature on the Bloggers’ Lounge there is more info on how you can do so here.

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