Cynthianne of ‘CC Fashion 16′ Tells us About Her Most Popular Post…

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My most popular post ever was about Spencer Hasting’s Style. It got an overwhelming amount of views. So, my first recommendation is to start your blog with some posts about things that are popular at that moment including celebs, TV stars and do not forget current trends. Also it might make sure that your blog is visible on search engines so that when people search for example “Fall 2013 trends”, your blog will appear. This will bring a lot of traffic to your blog and potentially some new followers.


Looking back at the Spencer Hastings’s post, there are some points that are very reader-friendly. For example the whole post was totally straight forward and to the point. When writing a post, details are important but too much detail will repel your readers – so be careful! Blogs are not school worksheets, people visit your blog to entertain themselves so don’t make your blog post boring.


I have been blogging for over a year now, and all the time I am about to start writing or before I publish a post, I always ask to myself – if I read this on a blog, would I like it and would I go back to that blog to check for new posts? If the answer is no, then that post is not something worth publishing! But if it is a yes, than I publish it, be proud of it and promote it!


I hope that this post was helpful mostly for beginners in blogging. I’ll stop rambling, but before that I just wanted to point out that blogging is an amazing thing to do, it’s not an overnight miracle, so be patient, be proud of your work and do not expect too much! And on top of everything, enjoy everything you do!


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