An Interview with Bailee ‘The Model Foodie’



We had the pleasure of speaking to Bailee, better known as ‘The Model Foodie’, about her favorite bloggers, recipes and why she started blogging.

1.       So to begin, tell us a little about yourself, your blog and what it was that made you start blogging..

Well Hallo there, I just  a massive foodie, who happens to be a model and after 10 years in the fashion industry and a lot of research, trail and error, I have developed a way of eating healthy that keeps the day-job semi content and more importably me happy with my shape, fitness and well-being. What I do isn’t anything grown breaking or new, I just try to celebrate what can be done with whole ingredients, which by eating clean, keeps my taste buds and body happy.

I started blogging to show there is life beyond plan grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies. I love cooking and find great pleasure in feeding people. Healthy food and eating clean isn’t boring and the alternatives choices aren’t difficult to produce. I am by no means a michelin stared chef, and I don’t spend hours in the kitchen every day. I just want to highlight a clean way of eating and learn how to use my camera.

2.       You’ve managed to make a great success of your blog, did you realise it would become so popular when you began blogging?

Thank you so much. I had no idea what The Model Foodie would develop into went I began. I am still in awe of the blogging community. I still don’t think I have quite grasped it, but am thrilled to be apart of it and how well my blog has been received. It’s encouraging.

3.       How do you manage to stand out from the food blogging crowd when there is so much competition these days?!

My intention was never to stand out but rather, just to share what I was doing. I think my readers appreciate that and find interest in what this model actually eats. I don’t claim to eat perfectly or to know it all, but I hope that the blog simply reflect my passion for beautiful healthy food, in the aim to lead a more beautiful healthy life.

4.       What has been your all time most popular post, and what do you think made it such a success?

Oh, thank goodness for the google content summaries, otherwise I would never have been able to answer this one. The two that have received the most traffic are Mamma’s Homemade Granola ( and surprisingly, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable and Halloumi Salad ( I make a big batch of the granola twice a month, playing with different nut, dried fruit combinations. Both the husband and I are addicted to it. The present batch has raisins, cacao chips and walnuts in it. The Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable and Halloumi Salad is simple clean food at it’s best. The very fresh ingredients are highlighted by the sweet of fresh figs and the saltiness of the grilled halloumi. In fact, I might make that one again today. It’s yummy.

5.       And finally who are your bloggers of the moment?

The Model Foodie was inspired by my very talented high school friend, Marina Delio, who writes the umber successful YummyMummyKitchen. Her blog is simply aspirational and great for the all the veggies out there. I am also, in love with Hanna Fransen’s beautiful blog,  Hur Bra Son Helst. Her healthy food will make you never look at ready meals again. Its full of beautiful photography and stunning food.


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