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How to Network Online

When you hear the word ‘networking’ often images of drinks receptions and forced conversation are conjured. The term has become more than a little overused, and although I’ve used it in a few articles I do find it slightly cringey! However, if we think of it as simply getting to know people that you admire […]

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Not Being Social Enough Sometimes it’s easy to forget its called social media! Although Twitter obviously makes a great promotional platform, you’ll get much more out of it if you have a social attitude (well, as much as you can from behind a computer screen!).  Reply to tweets, search relevant topics, and get involved in […]

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How to Create a Great Media Kit!

A media kit is a pack of information about yourself, your blog and what you can offer to partners. If you are at the stage where working with brands is becoming a real goal for you, it’s time to put together a media pack. Here’s a full guide to help you along the way! What’s […]

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Is Your Blog Targeted Enough?

It’s great to be versatile and write about a range of topics- but stretching yourself too thinly could be detrimental to the quality and potential of your blog. Especially when you’re starting out, it’s certainly worth thinking about a small range of topics which work well together. Not only this, you need to remember that […]

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The Bloggers’ Lounge Guide to Colour

Part of the fun about blogging is indulging in loads of funky designs, layouts, fonts, and colours. However, if you try and put everything but the kitchen sink on your home page, you run the risk of confusing your reader and detracting from your content. Businesses have been using colour psychology for years. Social media, […]

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How to Cure Blogger’s Guilt

Do you ever feel guilty about not posting? Do you leave your Twitter and Instagram on the back burner? Have you ever let ‘real’ life get in the way of you and WordPress? If the answer is ‘yes’, you are probably suffering from Blogger’s Guilt, an affliction described in the Urban Dictionary as: A fit […]

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