Sponsored Posts- How do they work, and when are they OK?!

sponsored posts

When the wonderful Saadiya of That Girl Saaydiya suggested we write a post on PR and sponsored posts- she certainly wasn’t the first!  Working your way through what to publish, who to collaborate with and what you should expect in return can be tricky- especially if you’re just starting out. However, if done in the right way and with integrity sponsored posts and collaborations can in fact enhance your blog. We’ll soon be writing a post on why they can actually be a great thing! But for now here are a few tips on how to handle them properly, when to say yes, and when to say no!

  • Don’t always ask for money!

This is a controversial point, but we stand by it! Assess the offer properly- is this a brand you want to build a relationship with?! If so you may well want to start by negotiating in other ways. Explore any possibility of getting coverage on their site or social feeds in exchange for a review or some product. Sponsored posts that are outright paid for can sometimes signify the relationship will be a one off, and if you’re starting out this is not what you want! If the brand is 100% relevant to you, and you want to build a long lasting relationship with them think outside the box when you think compensation. Obviously you want to get something from the collaboration- but think of it as just that, a collaboration- not simply you working for them on a one off basis. If you think it could work, perhaps ask to be an official blogger for the brand in return for a series of articles. If the brand is relevant enough this coverage will be indisputably more valuable than a one-off payment.

  • But that’s not to say you should always work for free!

Once you start to get a following, you’ll soon see the offers rolling in- and some will be less than totally relevant! If you think the offer is truly of a one-off basis, or if you’re not interested in other types of compensation than certainly ask what’s in it for you, especially if the content on offer is not at all unique. This could be product, or money- make sure you are clear which you would like to get from the relationship!

  • Don’t be afraid to haggle!

Brands will contact you because they love your blog and respect your following. Capitalise on this, and make sure you know everything about the project before you dive in. Will they give you social coverage? Is the collaboration just a one off? Before replying to a response check out all the options and work out what’s best for you. If it ends up in a series rather than a lone article, or your blog being tweeted to 10,000+ followers what’s the harm!

  • Be Honest.

This is possibly the most important point and one all bloggers should adhere to-(I know 90% of you already do!). It is incredibly important to be honest to your readers about which posts are sponsored and which are all you. All this takes is a little byline underneath the article saying although all opinions are your own, the post was sponsored. You might think readers will find this off-putting, but I can assure you it won’t. The other scenario is readers becoming disillusioned not knowing what’s you and what’s paid content.

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