Keep your Blog Fresh Season by Season

Keep Your Blog Fresh

Obviously each time a new season rolls around, your content will change, fashion bloggers will swap little summer dresses for cosy knit scarves once autumn rolls in, and food bloggers will start thinking about springtime dishes as soon as February leaves us. But there is more to making your blog match the season other than changing up your content… Have a look at our three tips below!

  1. Background GIFs

As a champion of anything GIF based, I think anything can be improved by a GIF which is why if when winter comes around you animate your background to include falling snow I will automatically think you are awesome and read everything on your blog. It shows that you not only have a knowledge of CSS, but also that you are serious about the aesthetic of your blog, and the user experience.


  1. Divide Your Posts Seasonally

This could be an add on to your sidebar, and will work really well for food and fashion bloggers, as what season it is really depends on what you readers are after. If you think that creating a new sidebar might be a bit too much work, or you aren’t really confident in blog design just yet then you can do some season round up posts, mixing old content with new.


  1. Update Your Header

This is a really fun way to keep your blog looking fresh, it may sound like a lot of work but I think that the rewards totally out way that. You can create four templates for each season, and just reuse them over the years. Take a look at Twin Mummy and Daddy for some inspiration!

Twin Mummy and Daddy

So there are our tips, do you have anymore? Let us know in the comments below!

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