Ideas for Reusing your Content


Just because you originally write your content as a blog post, doesn’t mean you need to keep it in that format. If you’ve got a post with a good idea at the core, then there are many ways you can repurpose it to take the pressure off of content creation and to make sure you always have something to post about across your blog and social media channels. It’s all about getting your content seen on different channels in a creative way.

Tweet it

Break your post down into tiny chunks, with each point making one tweet. The key is to keep it simple, and make sure that it can be easily followed by using a consistent hashtag. You’ll build up a series of tweets around one topic, and you’ll have a large supply of them at hand for those moments when you really need to update your social channels but are short on time. One of the best things I have learnt while working with content is to keep a spreadsheet handy where I can store links to article inspiration, and then another tab of fully written tweets that are ready to be published. By keeping this updated and fully complete I always have a bank of tweets ready to go, to be published at any time I need them.

Make it visual

Are you good at design or Photoshop? There are several ways that you can make the key points or takeaway of your blog post into a visual display that will attract those readers who prefer to absorb information through aesthetics, rather than a 600 word blog post. How about an infographic, a SlideShare presentation, a Vine or YouTube video? You can then share this alternative post on your social channels, or as a follow up post on your blog at another point in time after the original article.


Sites like Medium are great for creating a bigger reach for your blog. The idea is to create a Twitter-like network of personal stories and articles, connecting strangers and friends through the written word, but with content that is longer than 140 characters. Once you sign up you can post your articles for other users to read, and cross-publish it on several collections throughout the site. You can re-post your content in exactly the same format, but for SEO purposes it’s better if you add a few tweaks.


CoSchedule has a great and extensive list of ways to repurpose your content, which will surely get some ideas whirring round your head for any type of blog!

Have you found any other interesting ways to reuse your posts or get your content seen on more channels? 

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