An Interview with Kailey Flyte, Editor-In-Chief of ‘Mermaidens’!


So tell us about Mermaidens, when did you start it up? And what made you want to start blogging?

I started Mermaidens in 2011 after deciding I wanted to be more creative. Googling tutorials, I found so many inspiring DIY and style blogs and realized “Hey, I want to do this”!

Your blog is now at a really successful  point, when did your following start to grow and what do you think people found so appealing about reading your blog?

After about a year of blogging I was finally starting to receive a steady stream of readers and comments and was absolutely over the moon about it! And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure – I hope it’s because my passion and love for blogging and amount of work and thought behind each post I put together shows through!

What are your aims for your blog, and where would you like to see it in 2 years from now?

As somebody who has been religiously reading magazines since I was a tween, being featuring in one would be an absolute dream come true! Besides that, the host of opportunities I have already been given has been truly remarkable and I’m quite happy where I am right now! In the future, all I can hope to do is continue to inspire others!

Could you give us your three most important tips for bloggers who are just starting out?

1. Comment on other blogs – when I first started blogging, it felt like such a lonely place where nobody was looking at what I was making. So, I started reaching out to other blogs and commenting on my favorite posts of theirs – it really helps getting your name out there!

2. Don’t get discouraged and don’t compare yourself to other blogs – your the only you on this earth and what you have to say is important! It takes time, but people will start commenting and following.

3. Blog about what you love! People can always tell if you aren’t passionate about the subject you are writing about.

And finally, who are your favourite bloggers right now?!

Definitely Megan, Marlena, Sade, Jazmine, and Dunya!


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