An Interview with Janine Maral


I interviewed Janine Maral, read on for her insights on blogging, photography and blogging in 2014….

Before we start, tell us a bit about yourself and your blog for those who don’t know you…

I’m 18, born and raised in Toronto and love anything involving the media, especially blogging. I started my blog just a little over a year ago as I wanted to explore more fields in the media industry. Usually I will start something and forget about it after a couple weeks but here I am, blogging for just over a year! I am also a social media enthusiast. I just think social media is fantastic!

In terms of the content on my blog, I like to post a variety of subject topics such as lifestyle, food & fashion. I also enjoy beauty blogging since I am kind of a make-up junkie!

Your blog looks really clean and professional- your photos are really great quality too! Tell us a bit about how you edit your posts and photos for publishing… 

My photos are taken with a Canon T4i and the EF 18mm-55mm lens. I like to use natural lighting to take the photos since it gives the best appearance. In terms of editing the photos, I use the website and app called Pixlr Express. The most I do is just resize the photos and edit the contrast and brightness.

I highly recommend checking this photo editing website out!

What’s been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

Blogging has opened so many doors, not only to opportunities but also with other individuals who have similar interests as I do. I enjoy interacting with other bloggers and with an audience world-wide.

What advice can you give to those hoping to start a fashion blog in 2014?

The advice I can give is the cliches: be yourself. Don’t try to be or dress like another blogger to get the following. You want your fashion blog to stand out of the rest and be unique. Being yourself will give you exactly that.

And finally, who are your favourite bloggers right now?

I am really loving An Organised Life, The Londoner, This Chick’s Got Style, The Blonde Salad and Kastor and Pollux! They all are somehow linked with fashion but have their differences such as through writing travel or food posts.

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