An Interview with Amelia Goodhead!

This weeks featured blogger is Amelia Goodhead, owner and editor of! 


To start, tell us a little about yourself and your blog!

Well, I live in the midlands and have a full time office job alongside my blog and i’m a kickboxer too – an all round busy bee! I started my little blog about 4 years ago and it’s just grown and grown from there. I also set up a youtube channel at the start of last year and that’s already overtaken my blog with subscribers and is so much fun!

When did your love for beauty and fashion start, and what made you want to start blogging?

I’d love to say it all started from when i began walking and talking but looking back on some of the interesting 90′s outfits i was photographed in as a child i’d probably say it’s something i learned to love rather than something that was ingrained in me from the start! I started to wear makeup during my teens purely as a way to cover up my terrible acne and i don’t think i really started to appreciate it properly until i found the world of blogging. Suddenly when i started to read blogs i discovered a world of makeup, brands and techniques that i’d never seen or heard of before – it became a proper passion rather than just a necessity and my little blog started to find it’s niche. Since i started to buy my own clothes i’ve dabbled in fashion always finding my own style. I love vintage inspired pieces and quirky bits rather than sticking bang on trend and following the pack completely.

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What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

I’d have to say being nominated and shortlisted for Best Beauty Vlog last year at the Cosmo Blog Awards! It was a huge honour to be there and i met some wonderful other bloggers who have become friends even to this day…the cocktails were pretty good too! ;)

Where would you like to see your blog in one year from now?

I’d love to see my youtube take off even more and offer up more opportunities like the cosmo awards last year and other collaborations. As for my blog, it would be amazing to have even more readers, but if i’m completely honest i’m so happy where i am and i love what i do!

What difficulties do you think most effect bloggers today?

Time, time and more time. Working a full time job alongside blogging and youtubing is HAAARD, and sometimes it’s a little difficult to keep up with those lucky enough to  blog full time who are posting fantastic content every day and sometimes more. But i think as long as you’re writing your blog for you and not letting it take over or stress you out then it’s all good – just go at your own pace and enjoy it! :)

If you could only blog about fashion OR beauty from now on- which would you choose and why?!

That’s a tricky one because my blog covers everything! I’d have to say beauty i think…there’s too many lipsticks and nail polishes left to swatch!

And finally, who are your favourite bloggers at the moment.

For beauty it has to be Laura from Belles Boutique, Fashion it’s Tasha over at So on Trend, Lifestyle it’s Charl at Ginger Girl Says and Food it’s Domestic Sluttery! They’re always my go to blogs and i read them every single day <3


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