Featured Blogger: Lucy, of ‘Peas and Needles’!


As you may have heard, the Bloggers’ Lounge will be featuring one of our network members every week (to be in with a chance of featuring just fill in the form on the right unless you’re already signed up)! This week we chose Peas and Needles! Here’s what Lucy had to say about blogging, and featuring on the Bloggers’ Lounge…….

So Lucy, you were picked this week to be featured on the Bloggers’ Lounge! Congratulations! Tell us a bit about yourself, and your blog…

Thank you! I feel very honoured! My names Lucy and I have ran my blog Peas and Needles for a few years now. It’s mainly a lifestyle and craft blog, but I guess I just blog about things I fancy and things that catch my eye at that moment in time. I also don’t like peas.

You have some lovely visuals on your blog. Do you think being good at visual design is essential to having a professional looking blog?

I think it depends on what your blog is about and who you are blogging for. For me thats one of the main things I enjoy about blogging. I like to take my time over making a post look interesting and engaging to the viewer. I work as a Graphic Designer full time so this part is really important to me. It’s like my own little diary of mini projects so I want it to look pretty.

Tell us a bit about the kind of posts you put together, what’s your favorite subject to post on?

Some days I will just think of a craft I would like to try and then I would blog about that. I have been doing a few illustrated recipes which I am really enjoy doing at the moment. I am trying to collate a bunch and then possibly make them into a book by the end of the year. We will see.



And finally what are your plans for your blog in 2014?

A couple of years ago I created a personal project where I completed one craft project a week for a whole year. That felt like a good achievement so maybe do something like that again. I am hoping to also blog about some trips I will be taking abroad as I think they’re always a good read! Ooo and some more illustrated food recipes! So not much!



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