4 Ways to Use Your Old Blog Content to Come up With New Ideas!

How to Use Old Content to Create New Ideas

Coming up with new content ideas doesn’t have to mean re-inventing the wheel every time. There are plenty of ways to come up with ideas, and one of the quickest and easiest ways is to get inspired by your old content! If you’re a blogger with a tight deadline or a packed schedule, this post will definitely be worth bookmarking!

  1. Follow Up on an Old Post

Follow ups are a great way to keep an audience engaged, especially if the post is a more personal one. Maintaining a loyal readership is something I’ve been pushing a lot recently, and one way you can keep your readers interested is by creating a long-term story out of a post. If you write a post on anything that you can follow up on e.g. Going for a job interview, trying a new product for the first time or making a change to your routine, then make a note in your calendar to follow up on that post a fortnight or so later. Not only are you getting two (or even three) blog posts out of one topic, you’re allowing your readers to follow up on a story! Strategies like this can really help readers get engaged.

  1. Update Old Posts, with Any Relevant New Information

Depending on what you blog about, things can change all the time. Beauty products get discontinued, restaurants move…anything can happen in most niches. I’d advise setting up Google Alerts to help you stay on top of industry updates, so you’re able to either write new updates as soon as something relevant happens- or update an old post and tweet it out with the amendments.

  1. Opposite Posts!

People often focus on writing ‘how to’ guides. Why not mix it up and write a few ‘how not to’ guides!? This is a great way to go over a topic you’ve already covered in a whole new light, and prove your readers with some really helpful tips and tricks. For example, if you blog about travel you might want to write something up along the lines of ’10 things NOT to do whilst travelling through ***’.  With one simple tweak, you can revitalise a topic you’ve already covered in a whole new light.

  1. Topic Round Ups

Do you have lots of posts on a certain topic? If you do, you might want to consider providing your readers with an all-round guide of that topic. For example, I realised we had quite a bit of information on SEO throughout the Bloggers’ Lounge. I also often get people emailing asking me specific questions about SEO, and usually end up referring them to one of our relevant posts. Seeing a pattern, we put together ’10 Articles to Help You Improve Your SEO’, which is a compilation of our most regularly read SEO posts. This is something that can work well with any topic; if you’re a beauty blogger, you could provide a complete guide to liquid eyeliners, providing people with all your previous reviews. If you blog about travel, why not get together all your posts on a certain region and create a full on guide for anyone planning to travel there? Not only is this a quick and useful way to create something from old content, it’ll really help people move around your site- it could even end up being a great piece of evergreen content!

Do you have any ideas on how bloggers can come up with new content ideas, or do you just have a question/comment of your own?! Let us know in the comments below!

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