An interview with Pat McNulty the Digital Editor of Cosmopolitan UK!


Cosmopolitan is known as one of the forefront publications working with bloggers. What do you think makes a great blog?

Great content; whether your blog is image based or more about the text, make sure it’s original, you’re passionate about your topic and that the design is great. Look for original stories, talk to people, get out and about.

Why do you think bloggers are becoming more and more important in all industries- particularly the ones Cosmopolitan focuses on such as fashion?

Blogging has, and continues to democratise the publishing world. People still look to magazines for trusted, expert knowledge but there are intelligent, interesting voices coming out of the blogosphere (is that still a word I can use? Or is it a bit 2003??) who have a something valuable to say. Hence the increasing influence.

What makes a blog stand out to you, and what can new bloggers do to get noticed?

Someone who’s not doing run-of-the-mill beauty posts such as a line of lipsticks tested on the back of a hand. Oh look, I’m asleep already! Original, interesting content in a well-designed website is the foundation of any great blog. Helen’s Wardrobe, one of the bloggers who was shortlisted this year’s Cosmo Blog Awards got a special mention as rather than just create a blog out of images she’d googled or that a PR had sent her she’d actually gone out and created her own fashion shoots, just as an established stylist would have done. We were very impressed!

If you could give just one piece of advice to bloggers hoping to make it in 2014- what would it be?

Define what you mean by make it. ‘Making it’ will mean different things to different bloggers. Some people are doing this with the hope of landing a job on a magazine or a magazine website while for others it’s purely a hobby and for some, it turns out to be a full-time business that they can run instead of doing a 9 – 5 job. The only advice I can give you is the same advice I would give to anyone trying to make it in anything; keep on keeping on.

And finally, who are your ‘bloggers of the moment’, the ones we should all be keeping an eye on?

Check out this year’s Cosmo Blog Awards shortlist… These are your ones to watch!

My personal faves? Style Me Curvy, Laura Louise and her Naughty Disease, What Olivia Did… if I had to pick just three!

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  1. Y Jenner November 28, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    Sounds like good advice to me-clear and concise. Readable.