How to Enter a Blog Awards, And Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning!

How to Win a Blog Award

You may have noticed we’ve just launched our Blogger of the Year Awards! Over the past couple of years, some really great awards celebrating the blogging industry have started popping up. Entering (and potentially winning) an award is a great way to boost your blogging career and get the recognition you deserve. Give yourself the best possible chance by following these simple tips:

Make Sure You Pick the Best Category for You

The category you choose is so so important. Of course you need to pick a category that’s relevant to your blog, but it’s not quite a simple as that. There are a few things that should be at the forefront of your mind whilst categorising your blog. We all know the blogging world is becoming increasingly overcrowded, and it’s becoming more and more important to make yourself stand out. If you know that your category is particularly tough you’re going to have to really think about what you write in your application. Many awards give you an opportunity to write a little about yourself- do not rush this! It’s your opportunity to shine and set yourself apart!

Be Honest, and Be Yourself

It is incredibly important to be totally honest in your application. Some awards have limits on who can enter, in terms of how long people have been blogging or what niches they accept. Don’t try to enter an award that doesn’t suit your blog- find the time to find the awards that are right for you! We’re welcoming all bloggers to enter our awards so if you’d like more information on that you can find it here:

Make Sure Your Blog is Looking It’s Best

Preferably you should do this before you enter. If you have a messy sidebar, broken social media links, or a tired looking header these things need to be fixed immediately. As soon as you enter your blog to an award you are putting it under immediate scrutiny. Don’t let yourself down by ignoring those little design flaws- it’s tough competition out there so everything makes a difference!

Pay Special Attention to Social Media

It won’t just be your blog that’s under inspection; the first thing that will happen if a judge can’t choose between you and another blogger is that they’ll head straight for your social media profiles. It’s not about following; it’s about interaction and how you use your social media channels. Throughout the judging process it’s incredibly important to remain active on social media; it’s a great way to show the judges another side to you outside of your website.

Has this inspired you to enter an award?! Head over to our awards page now! All bloggers are welcome, and we’d love you to enter: The Bloggers’ Lounge Blogger of the Year Awards #BLAwards

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