How to Build a Following on Pinterest


When used properly, Pinterest can be an excellent asset to your blog. Not only is it an interesting and visual way to bring in new audiences, it’s one of the best social media platforms for driving traffic to websites. It can be tricky if you’re very new to it, but once you’ve come to recognise what your audience likes and how a pin gets traction you’ll be more than ready to build a following! As with any social media platform it takes time, effort and patience; but the rewards are well worth it. Here are five key tips to follow which will help you increase your following:

Create Images Specifically for Pinterest

Rather than just assuming people will pin the images you’ve used to accompany your post, take the time to create an image to upload directly to your Pinterest page. How this image is structured will depend entirely on the type of blog you own, for example our pins are quite text-heavy as we create guides, but if you’re a food blogger than you may well be better off focusing on taking one stunning image of your latest creation for Pinterest! You can take a look at ours here if you need inspiration:

Follow Influential Pinners

Following influential pinners is beneficial for 2 reasons; firstly you’ll have great content in your feed to pin, allowing you to build an audience by providing the best content possible. Secondly potential followers will see that you have a good taste in Pinterest profiles and will be more likely to follow you!

Get the Pin it Button

The Pin-it button really works wonders for driving traffic. It’s very simple to install especially if you blog on your own wordpress domain. The button allows your readers to pin images directly from your website to their boards, meaning there are more pins out there which are linking back to your site! We didn’t see a huge leap in traffic when we added it- however we have definitely been seeing a steady increase in traffic due to people pinning from our posts so I would absolutely recommend installing the button!

Don’t Just Pin from Your Feed

Only pinning from those they follow is quite a common error holding a lot of Pinners back. There is so much to discover on Pinterest, so make sure you find the best pins by searching as well as getting inspiration from your feed!

Get a Pinterest Widget on Your Website

Pinterest widgets are great because they are so easy to personalise. You can dictate the size, the number of pins that appear and lots more- and there is absolutely no effort on your part! Once you’ve decided what you want your widget to look like, Pinterest will produce a code for you; all you have to do is copy and paste it into your sidebar! You can play around with the widget builder here:

Are you inspired to get pinning?! Why not start your own blogging tips pinterest board, we have all you need right here:

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