An Interview with Rubyccino!




1.       Hey Ruby! So tell us about your blog. Why did you start it, and what’s it all about?

I started my blog three years ago with the intentions of posting my own fashion photography and inspirations on the route to achieving my dream career. However, three years is a long time in adolescence and I was drawn quickly into the idea of Fashion Journalism. Now, I write about what inspires and interests me and use it as a platform to develop my knowledge of the industry and writing skills.


2.       Are there any other bloggers that really inspire you?

I look at a lot of blogs on a day to day basis and everyone is different. I suppose there are two that really inspire me. Clothes, Cameras and Coffee is the blog that pushed me to create my own blog and Ros’ ruthless dedication to posting and her depth of knowledge has always spurred me on too, as she is my age. Style Bubble is also a blog to which I hope to achieve the same heights one day. Susie Lau is an excellent blogger and very inspirational woman.


3.       What are your key aims for your blog, and where would you like to be in a year from now?

I suppose the key aims are just to do my best really, keep it as me as possible and try not to conform to anyone else’s standards, only my own. In a year from now, I hope to be studying a BA Hons Degree in Fashion Journalism at LCF, possibly lining up internships at magazines and using my blog as a tool to help all of this happen.


4.       Give us your top 3 tips for blogger’s literally just starting out!

Firstly, be yourself. Don’t model your blog on anyone else’s, write what you care about and make it a platform for your own interests. Secondly, push yourself. Always, always seek to learn from what you’re doing, check what posts of yours are popular and never be afraid to contact people you are interested in. Thirdly, don’t stop. It’s hard to make blogging a habit and when it looks like it isn’t going anywhere at the time it is hard to carry on. Keep going, the worst thing you can do is stop.


5.       Is there anything you regret doing, that you would advise other blogger’s against?

I don’t regret anything in life, it is a waste of time and energy to dwell on the past but I suppose the worst thing I have done is stopped blogging. Blogging throughout my GCSEs and A-levels was really hard and most of the time I just didn’t blog for months on end. If I had pushed myself and carried on, I probably would have been where I am now a year ago.


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