An Interview with the Owners of Menswear Dog: The Most Fashionable Dog on the Internet


Menswear dog is a great twist on the traditional men’s fashion blog- how did you decide to start it up?

We didn’t have any epic plans when we started our blog. We were bored one Saturday afternoon so we decided to pass the time by dressing up our handsome Shiba in serious menswear. We snapped a few photos and posted to our personal facebook and the response was unreal, so the next day was spent putting together a Tumblr. The following day, our Tumblr was featured on GQ’s website and it just snowballed from there.

Tell us a bit about the star of the show, Bodhi. He looks great pretty much anything, how does he pull it off?

Well, he has terrific Shiba Inu genes to start and he also has x-factor that won’t quit which naturally makes him a canine model superstar. You can tell from the pictures that he knows how to make just the right expression for the look. He’s always been a diva of sorts, so this fashion thing comes pretty naturally to him.

We’ve been wondering- are the images photo shopped or does Bodhi genuinely model for every shot?!

Bodhi does model for each shot with the exception of a few novelty posts such as the daft punk post ( gold dog helmets are hard to come by). Technically, it would be much easier to just photoshop a head onto a human body but the magic happens when Bodhi actually wears the clothes so we do it that way. Besides, he gets lots of love and treats when he’s modeling so he doesn’t mind either.

What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far, and what are your plans for Bodhi and Menswear dog in the future?

We wouldn’t necessarily call it “highlight” of our blogging career, but the best part of what we do is that we’re able to spend a lot of time together as a family. We are a husband-wife-dog trio, and our blog allowed us to quit our day jobs to take pictures of our pup in menswear. We’ve also been able to meet and collaborate with some amazing and talented people that we wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise. We are currently working on a Menswear Dog book and a canine fashion line. Regardless of what the outcome is for us, we’re in this for the crazy adventure.

And finally, who are your favourite menswear bloggers right now?

We’re huge fans of The Style Blogger for the dapper styling and The Style Girlfriend for her spot-on perspective on menswear.

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