Company Interview: Seveer Media



We spoke to ‘Seveer Media’, a film production company based in Manchester about how they use their blog…..

So tell us a bit about yourselves as a company…

We’re a creative video production company based in Manchester, specialising in video, animation and motion graphics. We create videos for a wide variety of clients, with engagement and creativity high on our agenda. However, our ultimate focus is on the results that they aim to achieve from the film.

How long has your blog been going?

Our blog has been up and running since February 2011, when the latest version of our website was launched, but we’ve upped our efforts on our blog since around September 2012.

How do you go about choosing topics to write about?

We try to combine our company news with topics that our readers will hopefully engage with and be interested in, whilst aiming to produce variety. We regularly keep up to date with what’s going on in the film industry, which is always relevant and an interesting conversation point!

We also write about subjects such as filming tips, equipment and online video debates, for example Vimeo vs. Youtube. My favorite blog to write so far was about our trip to Cannes Film Festival in May – it was such a valuable experience and there was so much we wanted to talk about!

What would you say the tone of your blog is? Professional, relaxed, informative?

Our blog posts’ general tone is fairly relaxed, yet informative – we try to keep them conversational so they’re an easy read and not too formal.

What do you aim to get out of running a company blog?

The fundamental aim is to generate further awareness and interest in Seveer (and what we’re doing etc) but we also enjoy really enjoy the process of writing them, from the initial research to posting them online is a rewarding activity!

Do you feel having a blog has helped you interact more with your audience?

Yes, in some ways, but we more frequently interact with them via our Linkedin,  Twitter and Facebook pages. It’s useful how each social media platform is slightly different and how certain things are more appropriate for each network.

If you could give one piece of advice to any company looking to start a blog, what would it be?

Once you’ve written a blog post, read it back and ask yourself “would our target audience enjoy reading this and/or benefit from it in any way?” If yes, it’s a keeper.


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