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Improve your SEO

10 Articles to Help You Improve Your SEO!

Here at the Bloggers’ Lounge, we have a team of SEO experts ready to help out and answer questions! Even the smallest of blogs can benefit hugely from a great SEO strategy; why not pick a few of our top SEO articles and put together a strategy of your own?! 1. SEO Tips for Beginners: What […]

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how to drive traffic to old blog posts

How to Drive Traffic to Old Posts

Driving traffic to old blog posts is a great way to keep your numbers up, maintain evergreen content, and encourage people to move around your site rather than just sticking to the homepage. And not only that- it’s an incredibly easy way to drive traffic! You already have the content written and prepared, all you […]

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Image Tips For Your Blog

The world of blogging is moving rapidly to a much more image based medium. If your posts are much more text focused, with few and far between images (or badly taken images) then the likelihood is that your readers aren’t as engaged as they could be, and don’t feel as inspired about your posts as […]

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Tips For Tech Novices

I am the first to admit, I’m always at a bit of a loss when it comes to the techy parts of blogging. But the ‘techy parts’ are in fact the most important. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your blog is, if it runs slowly, isn’t using metrics properly or the coding isn’t up to […]

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Klout for bloggers

How Should Bloggers Use Klout?

If you want to blog successfully, you need to maximise the impact of your Social Media. There are many tools and metrics have been developed to help you measure, schedule and track the impact of your social activity that have launched, failed, and thrived these past few years. One metric that many thought, only last […]

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, if you’re making use of social networks, you have a social media strategy. You might not have a formal document that you’ve typed up and stick to religiously, but you’ll more than likely have at least a basic outlook that determines your activity. This might include which platforms […]

Top Tips to Speed Up Your Blog!

Page load time might be the last thing you think about when managing your blog, but there are some very good reasons why you should really give it some thought. If pages are taking too long to load, packing your blog with stunning imagery and fancy formatting could be hurting your visitor experience, and ultimately […]

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4 Metrics for Blogging Success

 ‘Metrics’ is a word that can strike fear in to the heart of many a blogger. As a blogger, you are probably a very creative person, so sifting through blog stats and metrics may seem like a bit of a nightmare. However, once you know what you are looking for, you will gain a better […]

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How Colour Theory Can Help Your Blog!

The psychology of colour can have an incredible impact on how visitors perceive your blog, so it’s necessary to understand the colours you’d like to use in your design. While there are significant ways that each colour can make a person feel, there’s also importance in understanding how they interact with each other on screen. […]

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Free Photo Editing Tools for Bloggers

It’s all very well have great content, but part of the joy of blogging is knowing how to present it. One of the best things about reading blogs is looking at the amazing things some bloggers can do with images. From beautiful style lay outs, to collages, to image collages, there are endless ways to […]

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