Is it Time to Rebrand Your Blog?

is it time to rebrand your blog

We all know how fast the blogging world can change, and although change can be daunting you shouldn’t be afraid to adjust what you do to stay ahead of the game! You shouldn’t need to have a huge overhaul every six months, but if you’ve been blogging for a little while it’s understandable that you might need to think about a rebrand after a little while. If you’re thinking about whether it might be time to make a few changes, here are a few prompts to help you work out if you should be rebranding your site:

You’ve Been Blogging for a Long Time, and Your Interests Have Changed

For those industrious bloggers who started a few years ago, you’ll most likely be in a great position now! Lots of time blogging will mean that you know the landscape better than most, and have built yourself a great site. However, the chances are you will have changed during your years as a blogger. Perhaps you started blogging when you were at university or school, and now have a different set of priorities? You may now be in a different line of work, or have found new interests. All these changes should be reflected in your blog, particularly if your blog is a personal one.

You’ve Found Yourself Focusing on One Part of Your Blog

Many bloggers start out by covering a range of topics they are really interested in, but over time you might find that you want to focus on just one topic. If you find that there are parts of your blog you no longer enjoy having to update, then it may be time to think about narrowing your focus down to what you enjoy!

You Need to Streamline to Save Time

Blogging is time consuming, so I’m sure there are some of you who will find that you’re running out of time to update as much as you feel you should. This can be particularly true if you cover a range of topics. If you’re finding that with life taking over your blog is becoming a serious pull on your time, you may need to consider streamlining what you do. This may mean rebranding, so you can formulate a content plan which suits your time constraints. You should also take a look at our piece on 5 Tips for Managing Your Blogging Time More Effectively.

The Style of Your Blog No Longer Reflects Your Style

This doesn’t necessarily refer to style in terms of fashion, I’m talking more about your personal style and the way you’d like to be seen. Take a look at your  blog, when was the last time you thought about updating the design, and does the design still reflect what you’re trying to do with your site? If the answer is no, then start to think about what exactly needs to change in order for your blog to become a good representation of you.

You’ve Decided to Go Professional

You may well have started your blog for entirely personal reasons, or to give yourself a boost into your dream career; but what do you do when things go incredibly well and you find yourself facing the possibility of being able to make it as a full time blogger?! Many professional bloggers never dreamed they would make it to full-time blogging, and at the start of their blogging careers their sites reflected this.

If you’re thinking that you might be able to make that leap into blogging professionally in 2015, then one thing must be prefect; your site!

Are you finding yourself on the verge of a rebrand, or have you had one recently?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below….

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