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Tailoring Your Tone to Your Readership

“Know your audience.” – This is one of the most memorable pieces of advice that I’ve been given in regards to blogging, and even writing in general. The good thing about blogging is that by interacting with your followers you can really get to know who’s reading your content. If you get to know such […]

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The Bloggers’ Lounge Top 5 Blogs of the Week!

Lemonaid Lies Great name, and a really stand out design- who doesn’t love a bright yellow blog! Superficial attributes aside Kenzie really can write about beauty, and is constantly producing top quality beauty reviews! A Lucy in Germany Lucy’s blog is personal and really great to read! Back in the day there were […]

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Free Blog Accessories: Where to Find Them

Do you feel like it’s time to start sprucing up your blog? If you aren’t a pro at editing, HTML, or Photoshop, but don’t have loads of money to spend, these design blogs will be for you: Design It Love It Carolynn is the blogger behind this wonderful design blog, Design It Love It. She […]

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Becoming Part of the Blogging Community

Starting up a blog is often something we do to achieve personal goals; getting the dream job, becoming a social influencer or being able to monetise are often motivations. Whatever your reasons for starting a blog and however personal they are there will almost certainly come a time when you need the blogging community to […]

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SEO Tips for Bloggers from the Experts!

The best SEO tips from the experts at DBD Media! Charlotte: When analysing your blog for ease of use, try to look at it from an outside perspective. While you may know where every page on your site is located, your users may struggle if there is no obvious navigation or linking strategy in place. […]

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