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Steal Creatively with a Swipe File!

When someone mentions ‘stealing’, you might think it’s the last thing you should be doing when it comes to your blog… But it turns out the idea might not be as shocking as it first seems. ‘Copying’ would be passing someone else’s work off as your own, something you can easily get in trouble for, […]

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It’s becoming more and more common for people to look for fashion and lifestyle inspiration on Instagram- not to mention amazing food! Growing your following on Instagram regardless of your blog’s genre is a great way to gain awareness, and not just when it comes to readers; brands now regularly check Instagram to see who’s […]

Top Tips to Speed Up Your Blog!

Page load time might be the last thing you think about when managing your blog, but there are some very good reasons why you should really give it some thought. If pages are taking too long to load, packing your blog with stunning imagery and fancy formatting could be hurting your visitor experience, and ultimately […]

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How to Create a Great Blog Post Series

Creating a blog post series is useful for so many things. Creating one can be especially handy when you’re finding yourself running low on content ideas- a series can run on a theme as long as you can make it! It’s also an excellent opportunity to create content you know your readers will love- provided […]

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3 Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts

By now, we should all know the very basics of improving a blog posts chances of success; sharing on social, sending to other bloggers who might like it etc. However, there is always more you can be doing to improve both your individual blog posts and your blog as a whole. Some things can take […]

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